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SJP Signature Programs

Academic Philosophy

St. John's Preparatory School prepares students for the nation's finest colleges and universities through a rigorous academic program. St. John's Prep encourages their students to be life-long learners.


At the center of the school's philosophy is the Vincentian tradition of educating the mind and the heart. Our goal is to help our students live the gospel message that "they may have life and have it more abundantly." John - 10:10. 


St. John's University / St. John's Prep Baccalaureate Program:
An exclusive Baccalaureate Program in partnership with St. John’s University on the SJU Campus, enables St. John’s Prep students to complete high school and college in seven years. Students interested in this program are required to take Honor classes throughout their three years at St. John's Prep. In the fourth year of the program, accepted students attend the University and earn credit from both St. John's University and St. John's Prep.


Advanced Placement Classes:
St. John's Prep offers numerous Advanced Placement courses across the disciplines for students in grades 10 to 12. The AP program, administered by the College Board, enables students to take college-level courses and receive advanced placement, course credit, or both, in college on the basis of their performance on rigorous AP examinations taken in May. 
Not only does Advanced Placement prepare students for college-level work and build their self-confidence for college, it also improves their chances of admission to a competitive college, and increases the likelihood that they will graduate from college in four years. 


SJU College Advantage Classes:
College Extension allows St. John's Prep students to explore, collaborate and challenge themselves while gaining confidence in discovering their talents. Taking college classes while in high school shows colleges that SJP students are serious, motivated, and willing to challenge themselves. It offers our students an invaluable advantage while in high school and provides a solid foundation of learning and provides a seamless transition into college.


Performing Arts Program:
St. John's Prep is proud to be home to an exciting performing arts program. Students who love to create, sing, dance or play an instrument have many opportunities to be involved in the Performing Arts. St. John's Prep aims to highlight the importance of an arts education and offers students myriad opportunities including workshops with international and local artists throughout the year. St. John's Prep believes that making the connections between the arts and academics play an important role in helping our students to learn, to focus and to achieve.


SJP Honors Program:
St. John's Prep Honor's Program is a rigorous and challenging program of study for the highly-motivated and academically-gifted student. The SJP Honors Program is particularly advantageous for students seeking admission to highly selective colleges, which attach great weight to the rigor of the student's academic program.


Elective Opportunities:
St. John's Prep's elective classes provide students with a well-rounded education that expand our student's global awareness, critical thinking skills, and communication skills. From courses in coding to speech, St. John's Prep encourage students to cultivate interests beyond traditional subjects and to demonstrate the depth and seriousness of study that appeal to colleges.