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Buddy Day

St. John's Prep Buddy Day is a program designed to familiarize prospective students in the 7th and 8th grades who are interested in attending St. John's Prep. The student will be paired with a current freshman who shares common interests and who will accompany the student throughout the morning schedule: homeroom, classes, lunch in the SJP Cafe. It is a great way to get a true sense of what it’s like to be an SJP student.




How do I schedule a Buddy Day? Call the Admissions Office to schedule your Buddy Day. 


  • Buddy Days for 8th grade students are available by appointment in the fall semester. 
  • Buddy Days for 7th grades students are available by appointment in the spring semester.


Students are responsible to notify their current school that they will be absent from school for a Buddy Day.


What time should I arrive and what time will I be dismissed? You should enter through the main entrance and proceed to the visitors’ desk at 8:15 a.m. A member of the Admissions team will greet you and introduce you to your SJP Freshmen Buddy. You will be escorted to the Admissions Office, Room 116S, at 12:55 pm where you will end your day. A member of the Admissions team will then bring you to the main entrance to be picked up by your parent or guardian. 


What is the dress code for Buddy Days? We expect you to dress similar to a St. John’s Prep student. You may wear a collared shirt or polo shirt, dress pants, and flat shoes or your school uniform. Any student dressed inappropriately will not be able to participate in their Buddy Day.


Can I bring my phone? All cell phones must be turned off and put away. If you need to make a phone call, you may do so in Room 115S at any time.


What do I do for lunch?  During the lunch period, you will eat lunch in the SJP Café and meet other SJP students. You will receive a lunch voucher to spend as you choose or you may opt to bring your own lunch.



If you have any questions about our Buddy Program, please call 718-721-7200 extension 699 or email [email protected].