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The Flood Family Scholarship Fund


We write today in regard to the recent launch of the Maureen and Edward Flood Scholarship. We wanted to take a few moments to share our thoughts and to give some background details about this initiative.

Mr. Flood and I were surprised, honored and humbled at the thought of establishing a scholarship in our name, and while appreciative of this gesture, we initially wished to decline for a number of reasons. First, usually something like that might take place after a person’s death and at this point, thank God, Mr. Flood and I are very much alive. Secondly, there have been many great educators, both religious and lay, at Mater Christi High School and at St. John’s Prep. We felt uncomfortable and embarrassed to be singled out. Thus, our initial reaction was to decline this particular honor.

Then we learned that this initiative was conceived not by the school, but by our children - (who Mater Christi students affectionately called ‘The Puddles’). They wanted to celebrate and to support our long time commitment to Mater Christi and St. John’s Prep. This certainly gave us pause and inspired us to reconsider our initial reaction. 

Our children know well the joy that Mr. Flood and I have found in working with both Mater Christi and St. John’s Prep students. They were raised on a steady stream of stories about our students’ creative, comical, surprising and venturesome exploits - as well as their hard work ethic and commitment to excellence in and out of the classroom.

They know how much we admire our students’ persevering faith filled and generous nature. They grew up going to so many school events: plays, pep rallies, fun follies, Great Adventure trips, etc. - they were certainly ever present at so many school functions. They enthusiastically cheered for our teams, especially Mr. Flood’s basketball and tennis teams. They knew of the commitment, dedication, and passion that Mr. Flood and I have had for our students.

Most importantly, our children have heard us praise our students’ appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifices that their parents made to give them a quality Catholic education. It was this spirit of love and commitment that our children, Eileen, Joseph, Carolyn, and Brian, wanted to help and to ensure that the School and its Mission will prosper for generations to come. Therefore, they proposed a Scholarship Fund.  We would like this endeavor to be known as The Flood Family Scholarship Fund.

If you would like to join with us in this venture, we appreciate your help. If at this time you are not able, that is also fine – just know that we have been blessed with 50 years of working with people we love. More significantly, we want you to know that it has been our privilege to serve the Mater Christi and the St. John’s Prep Communities for the past fifty years. Our students have given profound meaning to our lives. Each moment always has been a priceless treasure.

Thank you for a wonderful fifty years!


Mr. and Mrs. Flood