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St. John's Prep is a SEVIS-approved college preparatory private high school dedicated to personalized education. International students who study at St. John's Prep gain a competitive edge when applying to US universities. Our student focused program is consistently ranked as one of New York's top choices for an international student. St. John's Prep welcomes applications from all students attending US and internationally-accredited schools.

St. John's Prep offers international students a wide variety of courses, led by dedicated and talented teachers. Our rigorous curriculum, extensive extracurricular program, small class size, individualized learning and academic support services provide our international students the best possible preparation for college and beyond. St. John's Prep warm, safe and nurturing environment enable students to explore their interests, discover their passions and challenge students, one course at a time, to prepare them for learning and leadership throughout their lives.

St. John’s Preparatory School partners with Ameriwal International to provide comprehensive international student enrollment management. Together, we are able to provide unparalleled support and services to our international students, from general admissions to post-arrival and throughout their high school years. If you are an international student interested in applying to St. John’s preparatory school, please use the following contact information below: 

All international applicants must contact through Ameriwal International’s office.
Phone: +1-718-908-3080

International Student Application

Please click here to read an interview with Luwei Yang, Class of 2017, on the St. John's Prep experience.  

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Student Interview


Luwei Yang, Class of 2017      我叫杨璐玮。


Originally from Zhejiang, Zhoushan, China.         我来自浙江舟山。


 “When I first came to this school, I was very shy and not confident about my English. But every student was nice and friendly to me. Some of them came to talk to me and we became friends. Several months passed and I found myself much more outgoing and confident. I began to join some clubs, participate in school activities and try to make more friends. Now I feel very comfortable talking to others in English and I enjoy my time at St. John’s Prep.”


当我刚进入这个学校时, 我很内向,对自己的英语也很不自信。但每个学生都对我很友好热情,一些甚至主动和我聊天,我们也渐渐变成了朋友。过了几个月,我发现自己变得开朗自信了。 我开始参加各种社团和学校活动,努力去交更多的朋友。现在我能很自然地用英语和别人交流,我也很享受在这个学校的时光。


“The teachers are all very kind and patient. They care about me and are always willing to help me. I don’t feel embarrassed when I ask them for help. And they always answer my questions patiently to make sure that I understand them. I also enjoy the courses at this school. I get to learn music, studio art, and Spanish. For foreign languages, there are also Latin, Italian, and French for you to choose. In the junior and senior years, I’ll be able to take some AP courses, too, like AP Calculus, AP Psychology, AP Biology and AP Statistics. Besides these, there are some optional courses like sculpture, sketchbook and cooking that I’m interested in.” 


这里的老师都很友好耐心。他们很关心我而且愿意帮助我,向他们请求帮助也不会让我觉得尴尬。他们总是很耐 心仔细地回答我的问题以确保我能理解他们的意思。我也很喜欢这个学校的课程。我在这里学了音乐、美术和西班牙语。你也可以选择学习拉丁文、意大利语或法 语。在高三和高四,我也可以学大学先修课程,像微积分、心理学、生物和统计学。另外,也有一些选修课,像雕塑、素描和烹饪。


“I feel welcomed as a part of the St. John’s Prep community. I have good friends in the school and like the teachers here. I actively participate and show my talents and many people like my violin performances. The school also holds an international students meeting once a week to check how we are doing and help us incorporate better into this large family. We gather around, have a pizza together and chat about what happened during the week. St. John’s Prep is a relatively small school so I have the chance to get to know every teacher and student. I feel comforted because I know there’s always someone there who will give a hand to me when I have problems.”


我感觉我是这个学校的一份子。在这里,有我的朋友和我喜欢的老师。我很积极地参与活动并展示 我的才艺,很多人也喜欢我的小提琴。每周学校都会举行一次国际生会议来了解我们的近况并帮助我们更好的融入这个大家庭。我们坐在一起吃披萨,聊聊过去的一 周发生了什么。圣约翰高中是一个相对比较小的学校,所以我有机会认识每个老师和同学。我知道当我遇到困难时总会有人在那儿向我伸出援手。


“Undoubtedly New York is one of the very top cities in the world as far as culture is concerned. The variety of cultures in this city allows me to experience more and learn more about the world. For me, the most attractive thing about New York is the plethora of wonderful restaurants, of every size, shape, design and taste.”