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Library Overview

St. John's Prep's expansive Library offers students a welcome place to study, do research and meet quietly in groups. The Library features an extensive collection of research material, standardized test preparation books and works of fiction that students may borrow. The Library is also host to many wonderful school events, such as  Workshops, Cultural & Arts Festivals, Guest Lectures and much more. 

Library Media Center

Students, faculty, and administration may access SJP's online catalog from a computer station at St. John's Prep. Funded through an allocation from the Department of Education's NYSSL program, the following databases provide articles, videos, photographs and more on a wide variety of topics. Students may obtain a password to access these vetted online resources from a library staff member.  

  • Get help preparing for school tests and NY State Regents Exams online.  
  • Test yourselves with interactive multiple choice questions, study review material, pick up new vocabulary, read and/or print out old exams, and more. 
  • Find help with answers to homework questions online!  
  • You can access study notes,  books, textbooks, find articles, encyclopedias, and more.


You may find many useful websites on the SJP Librarian's Online Resource Guide: Biblio Tech Care.  

  • Use the Guest Access Name- BiblioTechCare. 

Library Resources

-SIGN UP for upcoming opportunities for Internships, Workshops and Summer Programs


- Check out the Daily Announcements on home page


-SJP Librarian Online Guide


-NYSSL Online Resources


Tutor Resources:


SJP National Honor


Regents Exam Prep Center 


Homework Help 


College Board


Khan Academy


Online Writing Lab


PSAT/SAT Practice

SAT Daily Practice Questions