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Language Department

Teaching is a calling. It is in our hearts.
The Language Department at St. John’s recognizes the importance of global citizenship in the 21st century. Our mission is to equip students with essential communication skills in languages beyond English, fostering a spirit of success that transcends borders. Students at St. John’s are offered the choice of studying French, Italian, or Spanish, where they engage in comprehensive language development encompassing speaking, listening, reading, writing, and cultural appreciation.

For those seeking advanced studies, our department offers Advanced Placement classes, allowing students to earn college credits through the AP Test. Latin, as an elective, builds vocabulary, enhances critical thinking, and enriches understanding across languages.

Outside the classroom, students reinforce their learning by joining language-specific clubs, participating in cultural activities such as film screenings, restaurant visits, museum trips, and immersive foreign travel experiences. Through these opportunities, students gain confidence and apply their language skills, opening pathways to future communication. The classroom truly comes alive through these real-world experiences, nurturing a forward-thinking approach in our students.
Ms. Kathy Adrahtas 
Language Department Chairperson, French and Spanish Teacher 
[email protected]
Ms. Valerie Bové 
French Teacher
[email protected]
Mr. Nikola Firla 
Italian and Spanish Teacher 
Ms. Judith Zapata 
Spanish teacher 
[email protected]