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At St. John's Prep, our Science Department nurtures a transformative learning environment in the sciences, fostering active engagement, scientific reasoning, and critical thinking within a challenging academic setting. Our commitment lies in discovering, nurturing, and developing the innate talents and interests of our students, fostering their journey as lifelong learners.


Our Approach:


We cultivate a culture of scientific collaboration and inquiry-based learning, facilitated by intimate class sizes. Our focus extends beyond classroom instruction to experiential learning, incorporating hands-on laboratory exercises, educational field experiences, and opportunities for research and internships. Collaborating with local colleges, universities, hospitals, and scientific research facilities, we continually forge new partnerships, creating avenues for our students to delve into scientific research.


Cutting-Edge Facilities:

Our Biology Lab stands as a testament to our commitment to technological advancement. Equipped with state-of-the-art resources including the Anatomage Table, our students experience an immersive and interactive exploration of human anatomy. In line with our dedication to providing the best resources, we're excited to announce the forthcoming addition of a new Chemistry Lab for 2024-2025. This new facility will offer enhanced opportunities for hands-on experimentation, further enriching the scientific learning experience for our students.





St. John's Prep Graduates emerge as:

  • Leaders and collaborators, pursuing majors in science and engineering at prestigious colleges and universities.
  • Critical thinkers equipped to tackle the complex challenges facing our world.
  • Proficient in oral and written communication, adept at conveying complex scientific ideas.
  • Skilled analysts capable of interpreting and evaluating scientific information.
  • Globally conscious individuals aware of environmental and health issues, prepared to contribute positively to their resolution.


Courses Offered:

Our comprehensive curriculum includes courses such as Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Forensics, Environmental Science, Astronomy, Human Health & Disease, and Human Anatomy & Physiology.



Honors & Advanced Placement (AP) Courses:

We offer Honors level courses in Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Advanced Placement courses include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology, providing students with opportunities for advanced study and college credit.



Extracurricular Activities:

Engaging beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular clubs such as:

  • Science Olympiad Team: A platform for students to showcase their scientific knowledge and skills through competitive events.
  • Robotics: Encouraging innovation and problem-solving through the exciting world of robotics.
  • Environmental Green Team: Fostering environmental awareness and action through hands-on initiatives.
  • Chemistry Club: Providing a space for chemistry enthusiasts to delve deeper into the world of chemical sciences through experiments, discussions, and activities fostering a dee

  • per understanding and appreciation of chemistry.


Our Purpose – Science Department – Mission Consolidated Independent School  District

Department Chair: Mr. Brian Farren- [email protected]


Subject Teachers

Mr. Abraham Barranca - [email protected]

Mr. Randy Edwards - [email protected]

Mr. Brian Farren - [email protected]

Ms. Kelly Grogan- [email protected]

Ms. Joann Miller - [email protected]

Ms. Mary Radus - [email protected]