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Foreign Language

Dear Students:

Bonjour! ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to our language class! We will be exploring the language, customs and traditions of the Francophonic and Hispanophonic world. It is my pleasure to discover with you the wonderful world of foreign language.

My Best Always,

Ms. Adrahtas
Student Learning Outcomes for French and Spanish:

1. Linguistic proficiency
Students will practice their communication skills in the target language in speaking, writing, listening and reading.
Speaking: students are able to handle a variety of communicative tasks. They are able to participate in most informal and some formal conversations on topics related to school, home, and leisure activities. They can also speak about some topics related to employment, current events, and matters of public and community interest.
Writing: students are able to meet basic work and/or academic writing needs. They demonstrate the ability to narrate, describe and express viewpoints about familiar topics in major time frames with some control of aspect.
Listening and Reading: students are able to understand short conventional narrative and descriptive texts (spoken and/or written) such as descriptions of persons, places, and things, and narrations about past, present, and future events. Comprehension may often derive primarily from situational and subject-matter knowledge.

2. Intercultural competence
Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of other cultures and their products.
Recognize and describe the historical, social, economic, and political forces that shape society in the target culture
Analyze and critique the products of the target culture (film, literature, art, popular culture, media, etc) within their context, including conducting basic research tasks
Examine the validity of one’s own cultural beliefs, behaviors and norms by contrasting and comparing them with those of the target culture

Ms. Adrahtas