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Religious Education lies at the heart of St. John's Prep's curriculum. The Theology Department's primary goal is to participate in the holistic education of every individual. This is achieved through intellectual pursuits, value formation, prayer, and fostering a growing relationship with God and others.


Departmental Vision:

As a Catholic school, we draw from the profound tradition of the Bible and the Church’s teachings, inviting students to understand the contemporary relevance of these teachings. Regardless of their religious background, students find fulfillment engaging with these fundamental questions in class, progressing at their own pace in knowledge and love of God. Our ultimate objective is to shape young men and women of character and virtue, well-versed in Gospel values and equipped to thrive in the world while contributing positively to the lives of others.


Curriculum Overview:

The Religious Studies curriculum encompasses a diverse study, including Scripture, the person of Christ, Catholic doctrine, the sacramental life of the Church, early Church history, ethical teachings in personal and social matters, an introduction to World Religions, and the formation of vocational calling to seek meaning and purpose.


Student Support:

Our school chaplain, dedicated religion teachers, and campus life leaders are available to guide students in their faith journeys. Opportunities such as reflection days, overnight retreats, prayer groups, school liturgies, confession, and individual counseling are readily accessible to students, fostering their spiritual growth and personal development.


Course Offerings:


Theology 9 - The Old Testament: This course delves into the profound and historical foundations of the Christian faith, emphasizing an intensive study of the Old Testament. Students engage with the Old Testament scriptures, spotlighting critical themes such as God's covenant with the people, divine goodness and creativity, and the unwavering love and faithfulness of God. Through thoughtful discussions and comprehensive analysis, freshmen develop a deeper comprehension of the Old Testament's relevance and enduring impact on faith and personal growth.


Theology 10 -The New Testament: Students embark on a journey through the New Testament, uncovering its profound impact on the formation and evolution of the Catholic Church. Emphasizing the life, teachings, and divine mission of Jesus Christ as depicted in the Gospels, this course examines the pivotal role of the New Testament narratives in shaping Christian faith.


Theology 11 - Christian Morality: A comprehensive examination of Christian morality, emphasizing moral principles, the development of an informed Christian conscience, and discussions about contemporary moral issues in the light of Catholic teachings. 


Theology 12 - Vocations & Interfaith Traditions: A course aimed at supporting students in meeting the challenges faced by Christians in a pluralistic society, exploring Christian-centered morality, mature relationships, marriage, parenting, family life, and various vocational choices. Throughout the course, students engage in an exploration of various faith traditions, emphasizing the fundamental teachings, practices, and beliefs of different religions. The curriculum encourages respectful inquiry and dialogue, enabling students to comprehend and appreciate the diversity of world views and religious practices.


Special Elective: Christian Service: A course challenging students to respond to the Gospel message of love and service by engaging in volunteer work within their communities, emphasizing the value of social involvement and encouraging continued service in the future. (Prerequisite: Permission of an Administrator)






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