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Religious Education is at the heart of the curriculum at St. John's Prep.


The goal of the Religious Studies Department is to participate in the education of the whole person. This is accomplished through intellectual pursuits, value formation, prayer, and the development of a growing relationship with God and others.

As a Catholic school, we draw on the rich tradition of the Bible and the Church’s faith and invite our students to understand that what it has to say is relevant today. We find that our students, whether Christian or of another tradition, enjoy engaging with these questions in class and growing at their own pace in knowledge and love of God. Our goal is to form young men and women of character and virtue who understand the values of the Gospel and are equipped to live and flourish in this world and make the world a better place for others.


The Religious Studies curriculum includes the study of Scripture, the person of Christ, Catholic doctrine, the sacramental life of the Church, early Church history, the ethical teachings of Christ in both personal and social matters, an introduction to World Religions and formation of a vocational calling to find meaning and purpose. 


The school chaplain, religion teachers and the associate spiritual directors are available to help students develop their faith. Retreat days, prayer groups, school liturgies, confession and individual counseling are available to students to foster their spiritual growth. Students are supported as they focus on their personal spiritual journey.


Departmental Requirements:
A course in Religious Studies is required each semester.


Religion 09: Scriptures

This course explores the Biblical and historical background of the Christian faith. The fall semester is an intensive study of the Old Testament. It emphasizes close examination of salvation history and includes themes such as God's covenant with the people, God's goodness and creativity, and God's undying love and faithfulness. The spring semester is an in-depth study of the New Testament, with emphasis on the life and meaning of the person Jesus. Students focus on their encounter with Jesus as the living Son of God.


Religion 10: The History of the Church and the Sacraments

Religion 10 is a full year required course at St. John’s Prep. The course is divided into two major parts. During the first semester students will learn about the history of the Catholic Church. Emphasis will be placed on the Church’s development from Pentecost to the present day. Special attention will also be paid to the various councils as well as the individuals who helped shape the Church. The second semester of this course will focus on the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. How and why these sacraments developed and the important role they play in the life of the Church as well as in each individual Catholic’s life will be examined.


Religion 11: Christian Morality 

Religion 11 is a full year required course at St. John’s Prep. The course will focus on Christian morality. Through an examination of moral principles and an emphasis on the development of an informed Christian conscience, students are encouraged to develop attitudes about life, themselves and others that are based on the Christian vision of the human person and the meaning of life. Contemporary moral issues are presented and discussed in light of Catholic teachings.   There will also be discussion about what is meant by social justice and how the Church lives this teaching of Jesus’ out in its daily life.


Religion 12: Vocations

The purpose of this course is to support students in meeting the challenges encountered by Christians living in a pluralistic society. They will examine the meaning of a Christian-centered morality. Students will learn to appreciate the role of Christians in today's society; as persons who act to transform not only themselves but also the world. One aspect of this transformation involves developing mature relationships, especially in marriage. Therefore, a major strand of this course emphasizes the preservation of marriage as a sacred bond, parenting as a sacred responsibility and family life as a community truly expressive of God's love on Earth. Students will also be presented with choices of other vocations including religious life and the single state. It is the purpose of Religion 12 to give students insight into lifestyles that enable them to live as responsible, committed adults and models of mature Christians. 


Special Elective: Christian Service

Prerequisite: Permission of Chairperson

The purpose of this course is to challenge students to respond to the Gospel message of love and service. Students volunteer within their local communities, at hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, youth programs and C.C.D. programs. The goal of this course is student appreciation of the value of social involvement in the community and to encourage the students to continue their service in the future. A minimum of three hours of service a week is required in addition to regularly scheduled class meetings.



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