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Physical Education & Fitness

The St. John's Prep Physical Education & Fitness Department strives to encourage students to develop a love of sport and exercise  and empower them to be fit for life.  Our ambition is that all students will leave school with the knowledge and tools to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Students develop a foundation in skill development as well as a cognitive understanding of sport and fitness. Activities are designed to help students increase their confidence through physical activity so they will become adults who understand the benefit and value of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education & Fitness classes offer students the opportunity to participate in a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Students are encouraged to progress at their own pace in a safe environment. Students are able to explore new activities and pursue further training in select activities.



Our goal is to educate our students through exercises that challenge them physically and mentally. We have a comprehensive curriculum which focuses in on physical education, team building, leadership and self-motivation.  We believe that through the program, our students will receive invaluable experiences which will be benefit them across the curriculum and provide them with real world experiences. In our Physical Education classes, St. John's Prep develops champions for life!



St. John's Prep encourages students to join one of  different sports teams. Participating in sports not only provides a way to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, but also provides benefits to the individual's emotional well-being by building self-esteem, confidence, and closer connections with classmates and the school community. St. John's Prep  provides an impressive variety of interscholastic sports that balance competition, skill-building, and teamwork.


Eating Healthy

Presidential Youth Fitness Program


Students may also participate in the online Active Lifestyle program for Youth Fitness Program by registering at:
User Name: Last name First initial
Password: Put your own password here
Group ID Number: 94361
Group Member ID/Name: Student’s School ID Number

Any questions, please contact