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Welcome to the Mathematics Department at St. John's Prep, where mathematics isn't merely a subject; it serves as a gateway to a world of exploration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Our community of dedicated teacher-scholars is devoted to cultivating an enduring appreciation for mathematics, equipping students with lifelong learning skills, and illuminating the real-world applications of this invaluable discipline.


Our Mission: At St. John's Prep, the Mathematics Department endeavors to fulfill its mission through an innovative curriculum designed to inspire students to delve into mathematics, not merely for numbers' sake, but for its profound relevance in our dynamically evolving world.


  • Valuing Mathematics and Its Applications: Mathematics serves as the bedrock of numerous fields, from science and engineering to finance and technology. Our goal is to ensure that our students grasp and appreciate its profound significance across diverse disciplines.
  • Building a Foundation for Critical Thinking: We are steadfast in nurturing critical thinking skills by fostering the development of logic and problem-solving abilities among our students.
  • Fostering Mentorship and Support: Beyond being a mere buzzword, mentorship is a practice embedded in our department's ethos. Our small class sizes facilitate close interactions between faculty and students, while our after-school support program, staffed by dedicated mathematics instructors, stands ready to assist students in navigating challenging problems and solidifying their comprehension.


Department Highlights:


  • Curriculum: Our curriculum begins with the fundamentals of  Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II and Trig, Pre-Calculus, and College Algebra.
  • Honors Courses for Exceptional Learners: Tailored for students displaying a strong mathematical aptitude, our Honors courses offer continuous challenge and an accelerated, in-depth exploration of mathematical concepts.
  • Pathways to College Credit: St. John's Prep's Mathematics Department proudly presents a selection of Advanced Placement (AP) classes. These college-level courses not only deepen mathematical knowledge but also provide opportunities to earn college credit, granting students a competitive edge in their academic journey. Moreover, through the St. John's University College Advantage Program, SJP students can delve into college-level mathematics courses, gaining a head start on their college education and paving the way for a successful academic future.
  • Introduction to Computer Science: Acknowledging the growing importance of computer science intertwined with mathematics, our Introduction to Computer Science course equips students with essential programming and algorithmic thinking skills. Freshman students gain a significant advantage in learning programming by commencing with Python, laying a robust foundation in programming skills early in their academic journey.
  • Personalized Support with Small Class Sizes: With an unwavering commitment to mentorship and support, our department maintains small class sizes conducive to meaningful interactions between faculty and students. Additionally, our after-school support program, led by experienced mathematics instructors, provides dedicated assistance, empowering students to tackle challenging problems and fortify their comprehension.
Any questions, please contact the Department Chairperson: [email protected]
Ms. Tess Connolly:  [email protected]
Mr.Michael Dormer: [email protected]
Mr. Randy Edwards: [email protected]
Ms. Denise Hillig: [email protected]
Ms. Mary Ellen Moore: [email protected]
Ms. Scarly Ramirez: [email protected]