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Language Department



The World Language Department of St. John’s Preparatory School encourages students to achieve oral and written proficiency in a foreign language that can be applied to everyday life. Students will gain the necessary confidence to communicate in our multilingual society and the world. The World Language Department is committed to implement lifelong language skills to our students that permit them to function as global citizens of the 21st century. Students will increase their global awareness and develop an appreciation for the different cultures of our world.

Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Community are the principles  incorporated in our everyday classroom lessons. Speaking is the most effective way we express ourselves in our daily activities. In our classes we strive for excellence in oral and verbal communication through a variety of innovative instructional methodologies. The goal of  our department is to prepare today’s youth for the many social, economic and cultural opportunities found in the global marketplace.

(St. John’s Prep follows the Common Core standards set forth by the NY Board of Regents.)


Departmental News


- Exploring The Global Classroom

Discovering a new culture is an immensely enriching experience and students have an opportunity to develop life-long skills through travel. Students have traveled to many countries including China, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador. Students have had myriad opportunities to discover and appreciate new cultures while practicing what they have learned in the classroom

- Honoring Our Heritage

Students celebrate Hispanic Pride with posters, poetry contests, trivia  questions and a celebration in our library.
Students practice the customs and traditions in class and with the academic clubs.
Students participate in the Columbus Day parade.


- Creating A Brighter Tomorrow

Students have partnered with an educational program to provide  school supplies to the young boys and girls in Honduras


The Arts are shining at St. John’s

The Glee Club performs in French, Spanish, Italian and Latin at various school events.


- Connecting With The Wonders of the World

Students of the French, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin classes explore museums to expand their knowledge of the past and present.


- Exchanging Words

Students have an opportunity to improve their writing skills by writing cards, letters, and notes in foreign languages.


- Celebrating World Languages

Students have an opportunity to share their interest in language by making announcements in French, Italian, Spanish and Latin.

Students deliver petitions and good wishes in foreign languages during our school masses.




Ms. K. Adrahtas

 Spanish Latin & French

Ms. V. Bove- French

Ms. M. Campanale-Italian

Ms. M. Gavila - Italian

Ms. D. Gao - Mandarin Program

Ms. C. Lojo- Spanish Teacher & International Travel Coordinator 

Ms.  J. Zapata - Spanish 



Any questions, please contact the Department Chair: