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English Department


The English curriculum at St. John's Prep is designed to cultivate a profound appreciation for literature as a reflection of the human experience. It guides students in critically analyzing and interpreting literary works while honing their skills in both written and oral communication.


Within the St. John's Prep English Department, our focus is on enriching students' education through a deepened understanding of language, literacy, and the power of critical reading and effective writing. We aim to instill an appreciation for the richness of literature, spanning across various eras.

The key objectives of our English Department are:
  • Enhancing awareness of structuring information and concepts based on purpose and audience, and discerning sources, intent, and forms of discourse.
  • Fostering active engagement in the dialogue of great ideas.
  • Expanding the linguistic toolkit available to students, encompassing vocabulary, sentence structure, style, point of view, compositional forms, and text structures.
  • Cultivating fluency and pleasure in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • Developing students' abilities in classification, generalization, inference, and problem-solving within literary contexts.
Any questions, please contact the Department Chair: John Bethge [email protected]
Ms. Debbie Befumo: [email protected]
Mr. John Bethge - b[email protected]
Ms. Alexis Dayoan- [email protected]
Ms. Amanda Martinez - [email protected]
Mr. Dylan Powers - [email protected]
Mr. Eric Schneider - [email protected]