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The Fine Arts Department is dedicated to nurturing the creative talents and expressions of our students. Our diverse curriculum includes Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, and Portfolio Prep., offering a comprehensive artistic exploration.


Students embark on their art journey with Studio Art, a foundational course covering drawing, painting, collage, and art history, providing a robust introduction to various artistic approaches. Progressing from Studio Art, students explore specific mediums in electives like Drawing and Painting, where advanced levels delve into intricate and specialized projects.


For those aspiring to pursue careers in the arts or attend art-focused colleges or universities, Portfolio Preparation in Junior or Senior Year is available. This course concentrates on creating a portfolio of 10-15 finished works, crucial for art school applications. Each year, our students discover new and exciting avenues of self-expression through art. We prioritize skill development and offer nurturing guidance to foster our students' confidence and enjoyment in the world of arts.



Unique Qualities of Our Program


The Fine Arts Department at St. John’s stands out in several distinctive ways. Our art instructors are practicing artists holding degrees in their respective fields, bringing real-world expertise and experience into the classroom.


Situated near many museums and galleries in New York City, our students benefit from unparalleled access to contemporary art, internships, and opportunities at cultural institutions. Field trips expose students to cutting-edge creative ideas, connecting their classroom experiences with the broader art world and its rich history.


Continuing their artistic journeys, our graduates thrive as they transition to university-level studies and beyond. Those passionate about art have successfully pursued studies at acclaimed institutions nationwide, such as The Fashion Institute of Technology, Pratt Institute, and The School of Visual Arts, supported by our tailored portfolio preparation course.


Course Description:


Studio Art:

This introductory course lays the groundwork for visual expression and offers a fundamental grasp of art history. Students delve into basic concepts like composition, color utilization, and shading. Lessons in observational drawing, collage, and watercolor provide a solid foundation for advanced elective courses.


Drawing I & II:

At the core of human communication lies drawing. This elective studio course explores the fundamental principles of drawing, encompassing observational drawing, still life, and self-portraiture. Students experiment with diverse drawing mediums such as pencil, charcoal, ink, and pastels.


Painting I & II:

In these painting electives, students delve into fundamental painting techniques while exploring personal expressions. Emphasis is placed on color theory and its manipulation through paint. Exploring various painting styles, movements, and creating a copy of a masterwork from art history fosters a unique individual style through personal projects.



This course delves into the three-dimensional world of artistic expression. Students explore volume, scale, and the principles of three-dimensional design. Working primarily with clay, stone, and wire, projects focus on traditional aspects including self-portraits, figures, and mixed media techniques. Historical and contemporary sculptors serve as inspiration for students' own creations.


Collage and Mixed Media:

Contemporary artists stretch the boundaries of traditional art mediums. Collage offers a space for the reinterpretation and repurposing of objects, images, and ideas. Using accessible techniques and tools, students create projects including self-portraits, landscapes, and abstract compositions. The course also explores the art history of collage, from folk art to Picasso and modern artists like Joseph Cornell and Romare Bearden.


 Any questions, please contact: Kayley [email protected]