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Red Storm Cafe

Since its establishment in 2006, the Red Storm Café has become a beloved fixture at St. John's Prep, serving visitors during home basketball and volleyball games, as well as various after-school events. The café has consistently reinvested its proceeds into the enhancement of the St. John’s Prep Red Storm Athletic Program.


Our dedicated student volunteers play a vital role in the café's smooth operation. Under the guidance of Ms. Hillig, these volunteers actively contribute to the café's management, finances, inventory, and merchandise presentation. The Red Storm Café provides a unique learning opportunity, enabling students to gain practical insights into running a small business and fostering the skill sets necessary for success in the business world. It's an educational and hands-on experience that equips our students with valuable skills for the future.


Moderator: Ms. Denise Hillig


Contact: [email protected]


Where: Outside the Gymnasium


When: All home athletic events, as announced