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Hellenic Culture Club

The Hellenic Culture Club is dedicated to the exploration and celebration of Greek language, customs, and traditions of both Greece’s mainland and its islands.  Any student with a passion or simply an interest towards Greece is welcome to join the Hellenic Culture Club at any time.  One of the key components of the Hellenic Culture Club is its emphasis on language instruction.  During meetings, students learn the Greek language or sharpen their Greek language skills by reading from Greek texts, including excerpts from the Bible, and writing letters in Greek to family members in Greece.   
Students explore Greek culture in several other ways.  In the past, this has included the study and discussion of Greek mythology, Aesop’s fables, the gods of Olympus, and several Greek films.   The Hellenic Culture Club celebrates name days and religious holidays such as The Epiphany, October 28th, February 2nd and the religious and historical holiday of March 25th.  
Throughout the school year, the Hellenic Culture Club also holds bake sales to raise funds to donate to various Greek charities.  
Moderator: Kathy Adrahtas
Contact: [email protected]
Where: Room 203s
When: Fridays
Our members are:

Stamatia Tsamblakos
Nicole Falas
Aris Krimizis
Adriana Frazis
Nicoletta Baltzis
Ellie Kats-Secretary
Eleni Sfakianos
Stephania Kalaitzidis
Reem Ismail
Justice Broughton
Katerina Katsogiannis
Katarina Goreta
Salvatore Vivacqua
Frideriki Katragis
Brian Swiech
Theodora Kiriakosian
Elena Gounela