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SJP Strong: Sharing Perspectives Photography Project

This project was an opportunity for us to come together as a community, independent of the learning format that the student is following, which cohort they may be in, or what grade they are in. This was an opportunity for everyone to share their perspective and celebrate each other's unique take on this challenging moment in history.
We have printed the thirty most unique and powerful photos, and they are currently on display here at St. John's Prep. This slideshow is the culmination of the project and a thank you to all the students who participated. Thank you for sharing your perspective with us!
Looking at all your photos helped make the challenging days of this pandemic just a little bit brighter. Thanks so much for your creativity, courage and generosity! And a special thanks to freshman, Nicholas Mastrocola, who put the slideshow together.

And the SJP Strong Finalists are:
9th Graders
1 Jordyn Oksenstein
2 Maxim Forgione
3 Haylee Dones
10th Graders
1 Shailah Ramos
2 Isabella Gitelson
3 Reem Ismail
Most Poetic: Christian Tourdot 
11th Graders
1 Nicole Skouras
2 Andriana Frazis
3 George Chrisohoidis
12th Graders
1 Diwata Anika Burac
2 Brandon Tadrous
3 Yolanda Leon
Most Poetic: Ana Fernandez 
Most Original: Alexandra Jovic 
The Fine Arts Photography Award: Amar Abou Hussein 
Photojournalism Award: Robert Schantz 
Year of Hope Photo: Mark Narraine