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The St. John’s Prep Social Studies Department brings history to life, fostering students’ historical thinking skills. Through immersive exploration of primary sources including letters, speeches, laws, court cases, and artwork, students gain a multifaceted understanding of history from diverse perspectives.
Our approach encourages active historical inquiry, prompting students to delve into compelling historical questions. We emphasize connecting past events to the present-day world, nurturing an awareness of enduring and evolving societal issues essential for global citizenship.

Students embark on a four-year history program, choosing from a diverse range of courses including Global Studies 9 and 10, United States History, American Government, and Economics. Elective options encompass Advanced Placement courses in US History, Psychology, World and European History, along with offerings like Introduction to Psychology, Sociology, Practical Law, Contemporary Issues, and the NY Story. 

Special Features of the Social Studies Department:

  • Qualified students may take AP Courses beginning in freshman year with AP World History. More than 1,400 institutions award a full year's credit to students receiving satisfactory grades on the AP Exams.
  • Creative and Active Learning Methods: Engaging students through debates, current events analysis, mock trials, panel discussions, and Socratic seminars.
  • Regents Review Courses every spring
  • External Programs Opportunities for Students: Access to Richard Brown’s DA Student Advisory Board Program, Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship, and internships at cultural institutions throughout the northeast coast.
  • Engaging Students through the utilization of New York City’s exciting resources.

Department Chair Dr. Pellecchia: [email protected]

Mr. Jason Bigeni - [email protected]

Ms. Jenn Cocchi - [email protected]

Ms. Melissa Fellin - [email protected]

Ms. Maria Johnson - [email protected]

Mr. Michael Matthews - [email protected]

Mr. Patrick Turano - [email protected]