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Counseling » Meet SJP's Leaders of Tomorrow

Meet SJP's Leaders of Tomorrow

Jaylene Delgado' 18 will be attending Wesleyan University in the fall.


Jaylene plans to follow Hamilton creator, Lin Miranda's' 02 to produce the next blockbuster Broadway play. She encouraged her class  "not to throw away their shot" and implored the graduating class to make their dreams a reality in college, in career and in life.


Jalene was recently honored for her outstanding educational achievements and service to her community by the Astoria Civic Association. Peter Vallone, former President of the NYC Council, commended Jaylene on her amazing and inspiring accomplishments as a St. John's Prep Scholar.


Jaylene merited a number of prestigious scholarships that include the Presidential scholarship to Wesleyan, a full scholarship to NYU and the 2018 NY State Academic Excellence Award. St. John's Prep is very proud of Jaylene's accomplishment and we wish her well in the next chapter of her journey!


Luwei Yang, SJP '17, NYU Stern Business School '21


"When I first came to this school, I was very shy and I was not confident about my language skills in English. But every SJP student was kind, nice and friendly to me. I immediately began to join clubs, participate in school activities and very quickly made many more friends.


Today I feel empowered and very much at ease speaking to others in English. I really enjoyed my time at St. John’s Prep. The teachers were all very supportive. They care about their students and are always willing to go the extra mile. I never felt embarrassed when I asked them for guidance.


I loved my classes at SJP! I had many opportunities to excel especially in the Visual & the Performing Arts. The AP courses, College Advantage Program and Honor's classes prepared me well for college. I took 4 AP classes which included Calculus, Biology, Psychology and Statistics.  I scored a 5 on all of them! I love St. John's Prep and it will always be my second home. Thank You SJP!"


Nikola Mirkovic SJP'16,     Georgetown University '20


 Niko is pursuing an advanced degree in International Affairs at Georgetown University.  Niko recalls he had 4 very important college interviews as a senior: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Georgetown.



On his resume, the first two extracurricular programs on his list were his time spent on Varsity Basketball and Bollywood Dance. On every single interview it was not about his 4.0 GPA, his perfect AP scores or even as Captain of the Varsity Basketball Team rather the first comment was “You were on Bollywood! How was the experience?” They were amazed at the advantages of a St. John's Prep education. “


At SJP, opportunities are everywhere. Have the courage, and bravery, to step outside of your comfort zone, and capitalize on the amazing opportunities St. John’s Prep offers!"




Catherina Gioino, SJP '15, Columbia University' 19


"St. John's Prep was truly inspirational and the best school experience I have ever had. Having gone to public school in the years prior, I had never witnessed the personal care teachers placed on students, nor had I seen the community become one like we do at St. John's Prep," said Ms. Gioino. "The entire school


community facilitated the dreams of every student, whether it was playing on sports teams, making a new club, working in a science research lab, or performing cultural acts in Manhattan parades. SJP offered me the flexibility to connect with my passions on a personal level, in a way that is far beyond what I had imagined a high school could provide."


During her time at SJP, Cat participated in many clubs and activities, including: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Softball, Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball, Newspaper, Red Storm News (webcast), Italian Culture Club, Executive Student Council Board Member, Senior Class President, Altar Service, National Honor Society, Campus Life, Catholic Workers, Math League, Bowling, Track, Intramurals, Drama Guild, Hellenic Club, Spanish Club and Robotics Club.




Joseph Rodriguez, SJP ’14, New York University '18  


Joseph Rodriguez received a scholarship from NYU College of Art of Sciences to attend NYU as a member of the Class of 2018. He was also offered scholarships from American University, Fordham University and St. John’s University in his senior year at SJP. At NYU, Joseph is enrolled in a business minor program at the Stern Business School.


Mr. Rodriguez said, “SJP prepared me to move on to college in many different ways. In freshman year, I dedicated myself to the schoolwork and my teachers encouraged me to enter honors classes. SJP teachers are incredible people and they pushed me, and my entire class, to achieve the highest level of success possible. The College Counseling Office was completely hands on and incredibly helpful with my college applications. I am very thankful to the SJP faculty for the patient, supportive and nurturing care and how that generosity of spirit reflects on the students.


"The teachers and counselors at St. John's Prep prepared me for a seamless transition in college and provided me with the skill sets to be successful. SJP is a school in which the teachers and faculty will really care for you. All of this energy and goodwill helped make it easier to settle in and succeed in a really challenging university program. If I could give advice to the incoming freshman class, it would be to pay close attention in class, try to participate, and never be afraid ask for extra help from your teachers; because at St. John's Prep, the faculty will definitely provide you with all the support you need, the way they did for me. SJP Cares!”



Ina Kodra, SJP '13, Harvard University '18


Ina Kodra graduated Harvard University this spring. She studied Human Evolutionary Biology with a focus on Mind, Brain, Behavior and a minor in Philosophy. She played on the women's Varsity Rugby Team and performed in the DJs Blues shows for Harvard Radio WHRB 95.3fm. Additionally, Ina served as a Director of Advanced Education for Smart Women Securities, a campus organization dedicated to helping young women manage their money effectively and discover careers in finance. She also served as a volunteer  working with undocumented workers. ,


At SJP, Ina was very active in the SJU/SJP Writing Center, played basketball, and an active member of the yearbook committee. She pursued her passion in science and received a number of internships throughout her four years at SJP.


"Looking back, English with Mr. Booth, AP Biology with Mr. Farren, AP U.S. History with Dr. Pellechia, and AP Psychology with Ms. Johnson were my favorite classes," said Ms. Kodra. "St. John's Prep AP classes prepared me for the rigor of Harvard. "