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Fall 2020 Reopening » Reopening Plan: FAQs

Reopening Plan: FAQs

IMPORTANT:  St. John's Prep families should continue to monitor your email for the latest updates on Fall 2020. If you are not receiving emails from St. John's Prep, please contact


Please review the FAQs below on this page. You may also ask questions via this form.


Student Orientation

We are happy to welcome our students back for SJP Orientation Days beginning Tuesday, September 8. A detailed description of orientation schedule will be emailed to students and families by Wednesday, August 26.


  • Tuesday, September 8: Class of 2024
  • Wednesday, September 9: Class of 2023
  • Thursday, September 10: Class of 2022
  • Friday, September 11: Class of 2021



Distance Learning

What are my options if I am not comfortable with my child returning to school, and would prefer they stay home and engage in distance learning?

We are aware that some families may opt to continue with the distance learning program this fall. St. John’s Prep will make the accommodations necessary to support students who must or choose to engage in distance learning while others may be on campus. If you are interested in this option please complete the Opt for Distance Learning Form. Requests for Distance Learning must be made by August 19, 2020.



If we keep our child home and opt for distance learning, will the tuition be reduced? 

No. St. John’s Prep is prepared to offer a robust learning environment and uninterrupted academic programming to address any of the possible return to school scenarios: on-campus, modified on-campus, hybrid, or full distance learning.


School Schedule

What does the Fall Schedule look like?
Based on the anticipated plan of a hybrid in-person return to campus this fall, St. John’s Prep has made several modifications with the safety and health of our community in mind. In an effort to reduce the density of students arriving at school, students have been divided into two cohorts. We are switching from a seven-day to a five-day rotating schedule so as to simplify the weekly offerings and to streamline the students’ schedule. Afternoon dismissal will be based on a staggered schedule.



  • Cohort 1 Homerooms A, B, and C (Last names beginning A to L)
  • Cohort 2:  Homerooms D, E, and F (Last names beginning M to Z)
Cohort 1 Week 1 In School Learning, Cycle A
  Week 2 Distance Learning, Cycle A
  Week 3 In School Learning, Cycle B
  Week 4 Distance Learning, Cycle B
Cohort 2 Week 1 Distance Learning, Cycle A
  Week 2 In School Learning, Cycle A
  Week 3 Distance Learning, Cycle B
  Week 4 In School Learning, Cycle B

Fall Schedule

What is the status of Fall events on the school calendar?

We are working to assess which events will be possible to hold on campus, which will need to be rescheduled, and what can be made virtual. We will share updates and information with the St. John’s Prep community, as we adapt to  the latest federal, state, and local guidelines. 


Lower Density and Physical Distancing

How will St. John’s Prep ensure physical distancing is possible in the halls and the classrooms?

A number of changes to enable physical distancing  have been or are being implemented, including cohorts, classroom space reconfigurations, relocations and use of larger spaces for classrooms, signage, directional limitations, hybrid course delivery options and other considerations.


Health Screenings

Will we be doing daily student health screenings? How will they work?

Yes, there will be daily student health screenings through our new health system app. These health screenings will be conducted by parents and students before leaving their homes, and will include a temperature check with documentation and a short symptom survey. This will be submitted via an app available on both smartphones and computers. Upon submission, students will receive a green light to attend school, or a red light indicating they must stay home and contact their healthcare provider. More information on health screenings and timing will be shared before Student Orientation. In addition, trained St. John’s Prep personnel will also conduct random screenings each day during homeroom.

Face Masks
What is the school face covering rule?

In line with the requirement from the State of New York and recommendations from medical experts, the CDC, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, face coverings will be mandatory for students, faculty, and  staff while on the St. John’s Prep campus.


Approved cloth face coverings include: 

  • St. John’s Prep spirit wear masks (which will be given at no cost to all students, faculty, and staff); 
  • cloth masks (solid colors); and 
  • any face masks for sale in the Red Storm Cafe or via the Lands’ End website.


If a face covering is misplaced, soiled, or otherwise not usable, there will be disposable masks available in the nurse’s office. 



Out of State Travel

If you are returning from out of state, please note that there is a mandated travel advisory and 14-day quarantine due to increased rates of COVID-19 transmission in certain states. For your convenience, please review New York State regulations.



Student Wellness

How will St. John’s Prep address the emotional challenges students may face when returning to the school environment?

Our school counselors, school nurse, physical education faculty, dean of students, health teachers, coaches, and faculty will be collaborating to implement a variety of wellness options and supports for students in person and online.



Tryouts for Fall sports have been postponed until September 21. More information will be distributed during Orientation. For any questions, please contact the Athletics Director, Mr. Danial Levant, at




Is St. John’s Prep still accepting applications and giving tours for the 2020-21 school year?

Please contact the Admission Office at for more information about completing a late application. (The deadline was May 1.)  Although, we are unable to give in-person tours at this time, we encourage prospective students and parents to join us for a video conference where we can discuss the school and academics, and student life