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Uniform Dress Code


Lands' End is SJP's school uniform supplier for the 2017-2018 year. The uniform has not changed, just the company. Lands’ End will be selling SJP's required uniform pants, skirts and school sweater. The shirts and sweaters will be embroidered with the school required insignia. Parents should take advantage of Lands' End's sale promotions throughout the year! Current students may still use the Flynn and O’Hara items previously purchased for 2017-2018.


  1. All shirts, pants, skirts, gym uniforms and sweaters must be purchased through Land’s End.
  2. To purchase uniforms, please visit the Lands' End website, or call 1-800-469-2222. Please use the SJP Lands’ End number - 900172370 when ordering online or over the phone.
  3.  There are three ways to order the uniform from Lands’ End: on-line, by phone or at a local Sear's Store.
  4. The exact number of uniforms that you order is up to you.

Purchased through Lands' End.

Uniform Skirt / Pants
Purchased through Lands' End. 

Gym Items (T-Shirt/Shorts)
Purchased through Land's End

Students must purchase solid black footwear.

Girls must wear solid knee socks or solid black tights.

Purchased through Lands' End or another retailer

Purchased through Land's End or another retailer

White Shirt
Purchased through Lands' End
  • Land’s End provides award-winning customer service: Lands’ End consultants are available by phone for questions or ordering 24/7 at 1-800-469-2222.
  • Lands’ End provides custom online ordering: You can link to the St. John's Prep School custom web experience from our school website. Once there, you can create a profile, and the shopping experience is tailored to the criteria you have entered (i.e. grade range and gender).
  • Lands’ End provides promotional offers throughout the year: Please visit and sign up to receive news and promotions sent directly to your e-mail address.
  • Lands’ End provides quality products – guaranteed: Lands’ End uniforms are Guaranteed. Period. Washed, worn, embroidered – if you’re not satisfied, neither is Lands’ End. Love it or send it back!
  • The SJP School Logo is available on school shirts, gym uniforms, sweaters and jackets: Lands’ End will embroider our school logo on all uniform shirts, gym uniforms, school sweaters and blazers
  • Lands’ End will provide sample components to the school for fitting purposes: Included with this letter is also a “Fit Guide” which can help with ordering. We will notify the families when these components are available.


Order In-Store (SEARS)

Visit your local Lands' End at Sears store. Land's End associates can help you with sizing information and you can place your Preferred School order online via the store kiosk. Please note, Lands' End at Sears stores may have a limited product assortment (no logo'd merchandise is available in the store)


If you have any questions about our school uniform policy, please contact SJP Office of Student Life (718)721-7200 ext. 250 or 657